Nicholas  John Allen

Photographs Page (Second Year)

December 2011

Photographs Page (First Year)

9hours old

Born : Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
November 13th 2010
  Time :  11.26pm
Weight :  9 pounds
Height :  22 inches

Warwick 1 day old

Warwick at the same age, (1 day)


Twenty-Two Months - Pumpkin Poser

Twenty-Two Months - The Pirate

Twenty-Two Months - Dancing to 'The Bogtrotters'

Twenty-Two Months - Pooh Bear

Twenty-One Months - Bear Hunt

Twenty-One Months - Speech Therapy

Twenty-One Months - Blowing Sibling

Twenty Months - Eating Corn on the Cob

Twenty Months - As a Dalek

Twenty Months - Hansen's Farm

Twenty Months - 'Scooby Doo' Chase

Nineteen Months - Wild Saturday at Home

Nineteen Months - Opening Present

Nineteen Months - Bothering Goats

Eighteen Months - Can-Can, Fake Laugh,Slow Slide

Seventeen Months - Hiking on 12th May, 2012

Sixteen Months - Juggling & Penguin Walk

Sixteen Months - Easter Day 2012

Fifteen Months - Drumming

Fourteen Months - Pasta Meal

Fourteen Months - Juggling

Fourteen Months - In The Snow

Thirteen Months - First Snowboots

Thirteen Months - Eating with a Spoon

Thirteen Months - Sledging Indoors

Thirteen Months - Unwrapping Piglet

Thirteen Months - Dancing to Blondie

Thirteen Months - Early Christmas Presents

Twelve Months - Laughing at Pooh Bear

Twelve Months - Road to Nowhere

Twelve Months - Starting Football

Twelve Months - Dancing

1st Birthday - Opening Presents

1st Birthday - The Birthday Cake

1st Birthday - Julie's Book

Eleven Months - Superboy Walking

Eleven Months - Superboy Reading

Eleven Months - Walking with a Bat

Ten Months - A Walk in the Park

Ten Months - Walking

Ten Months - Conducting at Celtic Festival

Ten Months - Swiffering

Ten Months - Peek A Boo

Ten Months - Plastic Cups

Nine Months - Dadies New Hat

Nine Months - Playing Basketball

Nine Months - Curling

Nine Months - Playing Football

Eight Months - Behind Bars

Eight Months - Crawling

Eight Months - Not Eating a Biscuit

Eight Months - With a Sippy Cup

Seven Months - Chasing Pebble

Seven Months - With Wrapping Paper

Six Months - Kissing Daddy

Six Months - Evicting Daddy from Playpen

Six Months - In the Exersaucer

Six Months - On the Mat

Six Months - Eating Cereal

Six Months - Having a Great Laugh

Six Months - Controller of the TV

Five Months - With Bubbles

Five Months - Crawling

Five Months - Chortling

Four Months Old - Laughing

Four Months Old - Eating Cereal

Four Months Old - Chattering

Three Months Old - Giving Da Bear Da Bidniss

Eleven Weeks Old - Watching Strauss

Eleven Weeks Old - Squealing

Eleven Weeks Old - On His Playmat

Ten Weeks Old - First Word

Two Months Old - On His Playmat

Eight Weeks Old - Mirror & Mobile

Seven Weeks Old - Thumbsucking

Six Weeks Old - Grizzling & Wriggling

One Week Old - Swinging

One Week Old - More Feeding

One Week Old - Stretching & Feeding

One Day Old

Nine Hours Old

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