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Family Portrait before Charlotte








Last Santa Visit

Last Sledge Ride

Nicholas's Birthday Presents

Nicholas's Birthday Cake

Nicholas's New Scooter

Charlotte's Gym Club

Charlotte Guitar Hero

Charlotte Singing

Kanga & Roo

Charlotte's Birthday Presents

Charlotte's First Bicycle

Charlotte Tempting Chickens

Pony Rides

Choosing Pumpkins

Yoga Class

Warwick's Naturalization

Books from the U.K.

Charlotte Eating Cake

Bouncy Castle

Nicholas - 100 books

Garden Sprinklers

Charlotte Waving to Parade

Charlotte's Swimming Lesson

Charlotte Dancing at the Fair

Nicholas's Graduation

Renaissance Fair

Archery Class

Charlotte Taunting Nicholas

Nicholas in Church

Nicholas being a Fireman

Nicholas on an Easter Egg Hunt

Charlotte on an Easter Egg Hunt

Charlotte & Nicholas Egg Hunt

Charlotte Dancing

Charlotte on an Easter Egg Hunt

Nicholas on an Easter Egg Hunt

Charlotte flying a Kite

Charlotte playing Football

Nicholas Watching Bon Jovi

Nicholas Testing Goo

Nicholas with Flight Simulator

Nicholas on the Carousel

Charlotte at the Science Center

Nicholas's 1st Piano Recital

Charlotte - Braveheart Descendant

Charlotte Singing

'Peace on Earth'

Superbaby & Scottish Savage

Opening Presents

Charlotte Eating Cake

First Snow Sledging

Christmas Tree Farm

Nicholas Sunday School Concert

Nicholas's Birthday Cake

Charlotte Devouring Cake

Nicholas's Birthday Presents

Grandma's Presents

Charlotte with Nicholas's Car

Nicholas & Charlotte at Lunch

Charlotte & Dinosaur

Xylophone & Drums

Halloween Cards

Charlotte's Halloween Candy

Library Halloween Party

Charlotte Walking

Charlotte playing'Putting In'

Charlotte with Piglet Hood

Pooh Bear & Piglet

Charlotte's Birthday

Charlotte's Birthday Cake

Charlotte at Pumpkin Farm

Nicholas at Pumpkin Farm

Nicholas Reading to Charlotte

Charlotte Watching Tele

Nicholas on Thomas Train

Charlotte on Thomas Train

Swamp Fox Festival

Charlotte Eating

Nicholas Juggling

Nicholas's Swimming Lesson

Nicholas's Solo Bike Ride

Charlotte on the Swing

Charlotte Toddling

Charlotte Crawling

Charlotte Spinning

Nicholas's First Bicycle

Nicholas Milking

Charlotte & Cricket

Charlotte Dancing

In the Pool

T.V. Zombies

Nicholas Arm Painting

Nicholas In the Sprinkler

Charlotte's Dinner Time

Charlotte On the Move

Charlotte Not Dancing

Charlotte on a Carousel

Charlotte Laughing

Charlotte Playing Ball

Nicholas Driving a Bulldozer

Nicholas Riding a Duck

Nicholas Somersaulting

Nicholas Riding a Turtle

Nicholas Washing Dad's Car

Charlotte's First Tooth

Charlotte Eating Nicholas

Charlotte Sitting & Spinning

Charlotte Sitting Up Playing

Nicholas & Charlotte Singing

Nicholas At Elmo Show

Nicholas playing Crazy Golf

Nicholas Drumming

Nicholas at Marion Arts Festival

Nicholas Sittting & Spinning

Nicholas Waking Up

Charlotte in Des Moines

Charlotte & Nicholas Playing

Charlotte & Nicholas Pushchairs

Nicholas Kicking Stones

Nicholas at Des Moines Zoo

Des Moines Science Museum

Nicholas at the State Capital

Charlotte Playing

Nicholas Not Happy

Charlotte Michelin Baby

Charlotte Rolling Over

Nicholas at Easter

Charlotte at Easter

Nicholas Colouring Eggs

Charlotte on her Playmat

Nicholas Singing to Charlotte

Nicholas's First Recital

Nicholas & Warwick Sledging

Nicholas Rolling in the Snow

Nicholas & Dillon Trekking

Charlotte in the Exersaucer

Monkey Man

Charlotte Laughing

Nicholas and Dillon

Nicholas Sledging

Charlotte almost smiling

Nicholas opening Presents

Charlotte on the Playmat

Charlotte Eating

Charlotte Almost Smiling

Nicholas Bowling

Charlotte Relaxing

Snow Escape

Snow Gear

Rocking Horse

Helping Charlotte

Opening Presents

Nicholas Flying

Christmas Tree Farm

Nicholas's Second Birthday

Charlotte on Activities Mat

Halloween 2012

Nicholas Finding Letters

Nicholas & Charlotte

Charlotte in the Bouncer

Charlotte Waking Up

Getting Closer

Rocking Police Car

Monkey Sounds

Television Star

Nicholas's Present from Charlotte

Charlotte's First Present

Nicholas's Latest 'Toy'


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