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January 2018

Charlotte 5 Years Bohemian Rhapsody

Charlotte 5 Years Daddy Look At This

Charlotte 5 Years Feeding Goats

Charlotte 5 Years Football Star 1

Charlotte 5 Years Football Star 2

Charlotte 5 Years Football Star 3

Charlotte 5 Years Making Butter

Charlotte 5 Years Stinky Skull

Nicholas 7 Years Bohemian Rhapsody

Nicholas 7 Years Roller Skating

Nicholas And Charlotte Accordion Dancing

Nicholas And Charlotte Dragon Coaster

Nicholas And Charlotte Giant Robot

Nicholas And Charlotte XMas 2017


Charlotte & Nicholas Plate Spinning

Nicholas 7 Years Turkey Trot 5k 1

Charlotte Daddy Surfing

Charlotte 4 Years Hurricane Prep 1

Charlotte 4 Years Hurricane Prep 2

Charlotte 4 Years Old MacDonald

Charlotte 5 Years Camel

Charlotte 5 Years Dragon Joust

Charlotte 5 Years Medieval Horse Ride

Charlotte 5 Years On The Beach

Charlotte 5 Years Rainbow Tutu Dancing

Charlotte 5 Years Science Experiment

Charlotte 5 Years Stick Insect

Charlotte 5 Years The Frog

Charlotte 5 Years With Miss Coral

Hurricane Irma Football

Hurricane Irma Swimming Pool

Medieval Joust 1

Medieval Joust 2

Nicholas 6 Years Boo Run 1

Nicholas 6 Years Boo Run 2

Nicholas 6 Years Daddy Surfing

Nicholas 6 Years Sumo Hurricane Prep

Nicholas 7 Years Dragon Joust

Nicholas 7 Years Medieval Horse Ride 1

Nicholas 7 Years Medieval Horse Ride 2

Nicholas 7 Years Medieval Witch Trial

Nicholas And Charlotte Medieval Bouncing 1

Nicholas And Charlotte Medieval Bouncing 2

Nicholas And Charlotte Medieval Puke Ride

Nicholas And Charlotte Medieval Wheel Of Death

Nick 6 Years Bouncy Balls

Nicholas' 1st Karate Test

Nicholas Karate

Charlotte Karate

Nicholas Jigsaw

Charlotte Jigsaw

Bendy Man

Charlotte Drumming

Shannon Skating

Roller Skating

Church Reading

Unicorn Song

Library Story Time

Chucky Cheese

Church Choir

Didgeridoo Dancing

Charlotte's Dragon

Nicholas - Periodic Table

Nicholas' Medal Presentation

Charlotte's Dance Rehearsal (1)

Charlotte's Dance Rehearsal (2)

Water Day at Nicholas' School

Charlotte Singing

Charlotte's Kindergarden

Nicholas' Gold Medal

Nicholas Swinging

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Booty

Ring Neck Snake

Nicholas Home Haircut

Charlotte Dancing

Nicholas School Award

Charlotte's Solo Bicycle Ride

Sick Plunger

Charlotte's Kite

Crowley Nature Centre

Bagpipe Torture

Leprechaun Trap

Hawaiian Dance

Forest of Doom

Nicholas's School Awards

Charlotte Feeding Flamingos

'Leapfroging' Tortoises

Charlotte on a Slide


Charlotte's Church Choir


Charlotte Street Dancing

Big Red Chair

Christmas Lights

Nicholas Teaching Charlotte

Charlotte on a Bouncy Slide

Charlotte's Dance Class

Charlotte's Pony Ride

Florida Bee Killer

Nicholas's 6th Birthday

Legoland Carousel

Legoland Water Spray

Legoland Jousting

Legoland Pit

Legoland Train

Legoland Fish

Nicholas's 5 km Run

Ace of Spades

Haunted House

Tyre Swing

Charlotte Howling

Noisy Parrot

Charlotte's Pony Ride

Nicholas's School Award

Charlotte's 4th Birthday

Driving Jeeps

Charlotte at Dinosaur Park

Nicholas at Dinosaur Park

Charlotte feeding Camel

Bunny School

Nicholas Underwater

Charlotte's Jigsaw

Charlotte Reading

Nicholas Astro Wars

Charlotte Video Zombie

Halloween Depot

Daddy's Birthday

Grandma's Birthday

Nicholas Banana Boats

Nicholas Adult Swimming Class

Nicholas's Butterfly Stroke

Nicholas's First Diving Lesson

Nicholas the Scuba Diver

Charlotte Frog Stamping

Charlotte without Armbands

Charlotte Dream Lover

In the Pool

In Church

Charlotte Singing

Charlotte's Dance Recital

Water Pump Activity

Dinosaur Museum

Cake Decorating

Nicholas v Alligator

Charlotte's Dance Class

Giant Slide

Charlotte NOT Drumming

Rainy Swim Class

Charlotte Swims Upstream

River Snake

Singing & Dancing

Balinese Hat Dance

Charlotte's Dance Class

Charlotte Bouncing Egg

Charlotte Rodeo Rocker

Charlotte Pony Ride

Charlotte Swimming Lesson

Nicholas Dancing

Charlotte Easter Egg Hunt

Nicholas plays Beethoven 9

Pony Rides

Charlotte Making Butter

Nicholas Feeding Calf

Charlotte's Gym Class

Nicholas's Spanish Lesson

Charlotte's Spanish Lesson

Hay Ride

Nicholas's Martial Arts Exam

Martial Arts Ceremony

Warwick & Shannon's House

Nicholas & Charlotte - Flamingos

Charlotte's Two Compositions

Warwick - High Wire Bike Ride

Charlotte - Gym Class

Nicholas -Kung Fu Dodge Ball

Charlotte - Dinosaur House

Nicholas - Dinosaur Quiz

Fireman's Pole Practice


Opening Christmas Presents

Charlotte's new Dance Dress

Nicholas's Motorhead Dance

Charlotte's a Hard Pillow

Nicholas the Turtle Boy

Charlotte with Santa

Nicholas's Karate Lesson

Neighbours Lights

Charlotte Dancing

Charlotte Singing

Charlotte NOT Singing

Legoland Carousel

Legoland Water Ride

Legoland Boating Lake

Legoland Pizza Man

Legoland Train Ride

Legoland Pharoes Revenge

Charlotte Legoland Driving

Nicholas Legoland Driving

Charlotte Legoland Storm Trooper

Nicholas Legoland Jousting Horse

Nicholas Legoland Fire Fighting

Charlotte Legoland Star Wars

Nicholas Legoland Star Wars

Nicholas Christmas Concert


Carol Practice

Nicholas's Birthday

Nicholas's Laser Light Pegs

Charlotte's Bicycle Ride

Charlotte's Pony Ride

Nicholas & Charlotte Dancing

Warwick the Snake Charmer

Halloween - 2015

Halloween Hay Ride

Nicholas's Pumpkin Catapult

Charlotte's Hair Spray

Nicholas's Hair Spray

Nicholas & Charlotte Dancing

Charlotte the Ballerina

Charlotte's "Iam, Iam, Iam"

Charlotte's Tantrum

Charlotte's Star Spangled Banner

Nicholas's Star Spangled Banner

Charlotte Swinging

Charlotte's 3rd Birthday

Charlotte's 1st Bicycle Ride

Nicholas on Bouncy Slides

Charlotte on Bouncy Slides

Checking a Local Cat

Charlotte's Uninvited 'Pet'

Nicholas's Basketball Medal

The 'Box' Children

Charlotte Playing Soccer

Charlotte's Driving Practice

Charlotte Swimming

Nicholas Swimming

Florida Keys Splash Pad

Florida Keys Tarpons

Nicholas's Basketball Match

In The Pool

Memorial Day

Feeding Koi Carp

Bridge of Doom

Racing the Light

Xylophone 'Bash'

Charlotte the Dragon

Nicholas - Various

Chopsticks Queen

Steering the Ship

Tornado Machine

Face Painting at the Zoo

Three Children on a Zip Line

Web Climbing

Swinging on the Porch

Easter Egg Hunt

Watching a Centipede

Hammock 'Sharing'

Xylophone 'Sharing'

Cave Bead Fight

Getting 'Misted'

Suspension Bridge

Charlotte Hugging Goats

A Very Defiant Nicholas

Charlotte's Xylophone Performance

Easter Egg Hunt

Swinging Nicholas

Tall Bird Eats Lizard

Thomas Tank Engine

Nicholas Soccer Game

Nicholas Soccer School

Family Pool

Yellow Submarine

Alligator Boat Trip


Crossing Suspension Bridge

Charlotte Bungee Jumping

Nicholas Bungee Jumping

Charlotte with Spiderman

Nicholas Slide & Swing

Nicholas the Teacher

Charlotte Dancing

Charlotte Swinging

Nicholas Hammering

? Piano Lesson !


Tortoise & Goats





Heart Box

Charlotte Bowling


Carriage Ride

Nicholas Climbing

Testing Slides

Palm Tree Brushes

Tighhtrope Practice

The Adventurer

Pelican's Lunch Time

Feeding Cows

Pony Rides

Taunting Goats

Feeding Butterflies


Petting Goats

Charlotte Doing the Pogo

Local Beach

Christmas Presents

Local Aquarium

First Florida Santa Visit Dec, 2014






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