Adjusted Wedding Pictures


Hello Son - Here's some of the wedding Pictures that I've 'adjusted'

They're all reduced quality for the web

Let me know which ones you want or any other adjustments and I'll send a CD - best quality


Cutting the Cake


Lose Shirley


A very bad background - So you can have any background you choose

Here's a few samples :-





Green - Bad choice - it loses the veil


Here's some other samples :-

Croppped and lightened


Managed to spend some time for better detail on the joins and the cake - So here's the original background

You can have yourselves anywhere you like and I can lose the window join if you wish

This sample is only 17.8KB - The original is 4.16MB - 233 times bigger

What ya fink son ?

Could whiten the background like the one above ?



Moved to the Foyer (& lightened)


Moved venue completely; endless possibilities !


Picking up the Bride


Lose the house, car, pavement, concrete wall & Crop


Close Up


Under the Trees


Lose the Van. Car, House, Street, Back of Church & Crop


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