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10 February 2004 22:29
Sweat Web site


I have just seen your exciting sweat web site. This is the best web site ever. I would really like to get the phone numbers of the two models on the front page as I have many modeling opportunities for them both. Especially the one that looks like a cross between Ghandi and Jasper Carrott.


25th February

Will that Giant Darlek get Sharon from behind ? (Temple Bell Photo - Japan)

Steve Cullerton
29th February 2004 19.50

Looks like this site's had more attention than any Wozzer's worked on for his job !
Hope you both have a great time - Steve & Annie

Steve Cullerton
Ian Cox #2
03 March 2004 01:02
Wrong Trousers

Very informative and well put together web site. I like the photo's.
Sharon and Warwick look so sweet.
I am not sure people are accustom to a daughter hugging her dad quite so much!

I think it must be time for Warwick to wash his trousers and blue hoody by now.

Old Folks at Home

Thanks for the postcard son,

Glad to hear that you're having a great time and that Sharon's keeping an eye on you.
We don't want any 'international incidents' before your brother's wedding do we ?

I see that you've upgraded your Snow Boarding Cabin; Is that you behind those bushes ?

Lots of Love M & D xxxxxxxxx


Your 'Letters from the Far East' are so good that Alistair Cooke has written his last 'Letter from America'.
I'm now in the middle of negotiations with 'National Geographical' magazine regarding a regular article for the 'More Decerning Traveller'.
The usual 10% commission will, naturally, have to be observed.

Sharon isn't saying much; I hope she is enjoying the trip; Or can't she get a word in ?

Richard Allen <
11 January 1904 02:56
brothel...erm, I mean Brother

Hey you two - these diaries about bus journeys are all very good but please tell us about what we, the reading public want to know about.
We want dirt goddam it!
Tell us all the things that Judith Chalmers was afraid to ask.(british travel presenter for all of you not english people)
Anyway - you're well and avoiding any civil uprisings of bird based illnesses (and I'm not talking about the bird that Warwick met in Edinburgh once!)

Safe travelling folks and keep us informed..


? 1904 ? - Either 'Apple Mac' devotees are "a trifle behind the Bill Gates wagon" or........
Professor McGinty is on another of his trips. -
Take more water with it son !

Little Brother

Annie Mitchell <>
15 March 2004 04:36 <>
Lady Boys and Sweaty Bollocks

fUZZY! Looks like you are having a lovely time being unemployed, thanks for the post card. Wish I could chuck my job and join you. Don't get cursed by anyone at the temples and watch out for suspicious "meat" in soups. Have fun and see ya in September....

"He who hesitates is lost"


Annie Mitchell

Claudine Schubert <>
27 March 2004 00:51 <>

Well hello there!!! It sure looks like your both having the time of your life. While I’m slaving away at work your hanging with the Cambodian prostitutes. Damn, how did you luck out?

Thanks for your e-mails and please continue to have fun and avoid work.

Lot’s of love, Claudine & Cleo (meow)

Claudine Schubert
In Chronological Order
The Wedding of the Century
The 'Wedding of The Year'

14th April, a sunny Wednesday afternoon here in Birmingham

Hi Son,

Here's your invite to Hanbury Hall; As you can see they only finished the place by just turned 5.00 o' clock.
Will we be seeing Sharon there ?

I trust that 'Everest' was fun.
Your mother has 'dubbined' her walking boots if you need collecting.

You've missed some good matches; The 'Villa' managed to beat Chelsea and are now above the 'Blues';
Perhaps, looking for a place in Europe next season.

Lots of Love M & D xxxxxxxxx

Hanbury Hall
Linda Rooney

Linda Rooney <>
28 April 2004 19:23

Who is that waif like Phil Mitchell look-alike at EBC ? Like the growth –makes you look less like Richard O'Brien (Riff Raff) off Rocky Horror!

Seriously, or not, good to see you back alive and here’s looking to my Buddha statue souvenir.


PS here’s a brief summary of the news whilst you were gone……”Becks in shock horror rumble under the covers with Loos, Posh gobmacked”------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Angie Garrison
Alexandra Amick
Jeremy Crist
Carole Dornte

Angie Garrison <>
03 May 2004 19:55 <>
Gotta love Wozzer's facial hair!!!

Hey Fuzzy! Hope you are having a blast! You are missed here, but I am
so happy for you and Sharon!

What's up w/ the mustache and beard??? I thought you were bald there
too!!! hahahaha!!!! It's a good look for you (-:

I can't wait to see you again!!!
Angie and Bobobobobobob

topofpage <>
03 May 2004 01:25 <>
Alexandra Letter

Dear Aunt Sharon,

I am having a birthday party. I have a cold. My nose is running. I don't think you want to get sick. It is very cold down here. Is it very cold down there? I miss you. When are you going to come back? I love you. School is going fine. I got a sheet of paper that said I have been doing a good job. I'll see you sometime.

Your Niece,

Alexandra Amick


Hope all is going well with you and that you are having lots of fun. I still think that Warwick should try to put together a stand up comedy act about the trip and take it on the road. Everyone is fine here and we look forward to seeing you and hearing about all of your adventures.


Steve and Family


Crist, Jeremy <>
05 May 2004 04:20 <>
Hello from Fort Wayne Indiana


Just a note from a friend of Tena H. (with a spelling like T-e-n-a, who
needs a last name?). She pointed me to your site when I threatened to quit
my job and tour the world. It's been fun to read through your trials and

Good Luck out there,
Jeremy Crist

By the way, have you seen the commercials for Tena? ...


From: "Carole Dornte" <>
To: <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 18:57:30 -0400

Sharon and Warwick,
Have enjoyed Warwick's vivid description of your travails. Truth or fiction --Oh, I'm a believer. The pictures are awesome.
Thanks for sharing. I know where I won't travel, even for the experience.!

Carole Dornte

Richard's Triumph
Another Triumph For Richard
Linda Rooney #2
The Aschlimans

Linda Rooney <>
25 June 2004 02:23

Warwick mate. I know you are a cricket, rugby, American football fan first .....but I hope you caught the England game against Portugal. All I can say is I'm truly gutted . I definitely need a plastic Buddha to cheer me up!! Get home to blighty soon.

Linda .

23 June 2004 00:56
to Sharon from the Aschlimans

Hi, Sharon! We FINALLY got the website address and had a chance to look at it! We've been reading your diary in the Waynedale News and really enjoy sharing your adventures. The photos are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your trip!

Peter Sass
Hi Sharon and Warwick,

I found your website on the first hit. (Thanks, Google.) What an amazing adventure. I would really love to hear about it first hand when (if?) you ever return, but in the mean time I really enjoyed reading about your travels.

Sharon, if you ever need to stop avoiding employment, let me know. I joined a growing company and am really enjoying it and would love to talk with you about it in the event that you ever decide to leave the real world and come back to the fake world of work. :-)

In the mean time, have a great trek.


Peter Sass
(415) 407-5370 (m)