The Barron / Garforth Dynasty

Eliza Smith and Laura Barron - Chris's Maternal Great Grand Mother and Grand Mother

Albert and Laura Barron - Chris's Maternal Grand Parents

Albert and Rachael Garforth - Chris's Paternal Grand Parents

Rachael Smith and Florence Garforth - Chris's Paternal Grand Mother and Mother, (holding Chris)

Charles Harry Garforth, (aged 12 and in the Army during WWII) - Chris's Father

Florence Hilda Barron, nee Garforth - Chris's Mother

The Garforth / Barron Wedding

Florence Garforth and Christine
Sam Barron, (uncle), and Christine

Sam Barron was a Spitfire pilot during WWII - Killed by the Japanesse in Changi Prison

(His flying Gloves, Scarf and war records are here at 799)


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