Old Family Slides - Warwick, 1967 - first colour photograph

The Michelin Man himself

(See amusing story below)

This was the time when Warwick started to be sick every day.
Hollywood, where we lived, was a small village a few miles beyond the Birmingham boundary in Worcestershire,
(One pub, six shops and one doctor).
We took him to the doctor who looked about twenty and was obviously straight out of University.
He gave him a very long and comprehensive examination and said that he was just overweight.

I organized Chamber Music within the C.B.S.O. and did a 'freebie' for Tim, one of my colleagues.
I mentioned Warwick's sickness to Tim, who happened to live next door to the main consultant at Birmingham's Children’s Hospital.
Tim arranged for me to see his neighbor, who said he could only examine Warwick if I had a formal note from our doctor,
(Adding that if the doctor didn't agree, I still had the right to demand a note).

Back to the doctors we went who was very upset that I wouldn't accept his opinion.
I then insisted that I had the right to get permission to see the Children's consultant;
So he looked the consultant up in the medical journal and gave me the appropriate note.

We booked an appointment at the Children's hospital and Warwick had every test they had going,
(With Warwick screaming throughout the whole procedure).

In the end the consultant gave us his conclusions on Warwick's condition -
"There was nothing medically wrong with him but he was grossly overfed".

Needless to say, I could never go back to see our local doctor;
And can't remember seeing any other doctor since.

Chris, on the other hand - Still force feeds anybody who steps over our threshold


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