Old Family Slides - August, 1966 - CBSO & WNO in Llandudno

The view from the flat we had for the fortnight

On the Promenade


The most exciting pastime in Llandudno, (as in 1965) - Feeding the Seagulls

I kept saying, "Just go back a bit further"

A walk on the Great Orme with Avril and Roy


The Regular Pastime


A rehearsal for La Traviata with conductor, Jack Weatherall and soprano, (???)

Getting ready to sneak into the Opera

Our Infamous Beach fight

We all begged a load of throw away food from local stores,
(rotton fruit, eggs, tomatoes, milk, etc)
Went to the beach and threw it at each other, (mainly wind versus string players)
Chris was disgusted and left in a 'huff'


A dip in the sea to wash it all off

For those that disapprove- Try a fortnight working in Llandudno and then check your sanity

Back on the Promenade


The Oldest Church in The British Isles - It's on The Great Orme

If the walk is too much - Here's the tram that goes half way up

A visit to Conway Castle







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