19th June, 2017 - Billy was 'Laid to Rest' today

Such a beautiful, gentle and devoted companion

Desperately missed - I treasure every moment we shared together

8th September, 2016 - Usual Morning Walk with S.D. in Pype Hayes Park

(S.D. is Billy's devoted fan - A Dalmatian called 'Spotty Dog' belonging to Elaine)


Billy's favourite bed is now in the garden, 24th March,2016 - He sometimes stays there all night

(Must have been something I said - Or, something one of us ate)



Billy a winner at Sutton Coldfield Dog Club - 22nd June, 2014

Billy came 4th overall and 1st for the over 8 years old


Billy - Pype Hayes Park - 14th March 2014

Billy at the Conservatoire Re-union, Newport - 16th May, 2013

Having a thorough shampoo - May, 2013



19th February, 2013

13th January, 2013

Billy loves the snow



12th November, 2012

With the weather getting colder, Billy is getting attached to the kitchen log burner

26th October, 2012


15th August 2011 - New Cycle Path Opening from Plantsbrook to Sutton

(Typical journalists - Focusing on the kids and not the dog)

15th August 2011

27th July 2011 - He's been here exactly one year today

(Master & Commander : The Far Side of the Garden)

27th July 2011


27th July 2011

24th April 2011 - He still loves the water

30th April 2011


30th April 2011

13th February 2011 - Hustling for His Afternoon Walk








Christmas Day - Showing his Wolf Ancestry

Billy the Wolf

Merry Christmas from Billy


29th November 2010 at Pype Hayes Park








29th July 2010

June took on this dog from an Animal Recue Centre but can't cope with it's energy

We're fostering it for a week to see if it's OK with Smudge to keep

Lovely animal with a beautiful temperament and needs a lot of exercise

I'm doing three outings a day, of about 5 miles each

Reminiscent of "Cool Hand Luke" - except Billy is winning








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