Old Family Slides - Touring France, 1973

Camping along the Atlantic Coast of France

Just off the Channel Ferry - Early morning rain



Lunch, at one of the many picnic areas along the coast road





After a week - Warwick turned brown, Richard and I burnt, Chris stayed white





I think this was the Loire Valley area of the coast

When it was windy - It was REALLY windy





Even Richard was turning brown




Warwick hasn't grown more fingers - He started collecting Star Fish

Back at camp the French thought we were weird - Catching an animal you can't eat

So Warwick got a winkle, (something you could eat), to sell to the French

We just made it across this island causeway before the tide came in


Passing though a posh town - I think La Rochelle

Got a local to take a family photo

Richard's not being sick, he's just inspecting ants nests


Dig those 'Flairs'




Just one of our many camp sites


When we got to the south it was too hot, so we motored non-stop to Brittany
(Your next pictorial 'treat')

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