Old Family Slides - C.B.S.O. East European Tour - 1972

Our flight from Birmingham to Bucharest

We thought the one above was our charter plane . .
No chance . . .
We got this Russian Ilyushin 18 from 1947
It made so much smoke when it took off that all the wives rushed home for their insurance policies

Anyone was allowed in the cockpit - They needed all the help they could get


Landing at Bucharest







Traveling through Romania













Traveling through Yugoslavia





Budapest Railway Staion

Budapest City Centre



The Bridge that spans the River Danube to join Buda and Pest




The 'Magnificent Seven', (without me)

Budapest Schloss Waterfall

Halfway up the Schloss hill

Overlooking Budapest from the Schloss Cafe


(Got myself on a photo - looking like Max Wall)

Orchestral Meeting - 'Trouble at Mill', (insufficient rooms for the orchestra)

I ended up sharing with two others, eleven miles out of town, (nice view though)







Landed at Kosice - We just about made it through those thunderstorm clouds
Frightening - No one said a word



That's the U.S.S.R. in the background


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